CEO Greetings


Seowontech Co., Ltd., the second mission is the challenge to build a new material hybrid yarn standard based on the trust of our customers

  • Dear customers, Seowontech Co., Ltd. is advancing toward a new leap forward, based on recent notable successes and developments.

    We thank you for the support you have provided Seowontech up until today. We will continue to do our best going forward as an enterprise which stays close to our customers and challenges itself to achieve dreams through a spirit of challenge and creation.

    Thank you.

  • C.E.O. Kee-Hoon Min

CEO Profile
May 2014 ~ Present CEO of Seowontech Co., Ltd.
Dec 1999 ~ May 2014 Joined Toray Chemical Korea, Filament development and fabric development
August 2017 ~ Present Auditor of Korea Association of Professional Engineer Textile
June 2017 Awarded the grand prize for Samudang New Materials Development parts
December 2015 Awarded the Start-up Excellency prize of Korea Institute of Start-up and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED)
April 2012 ~ Present Member of Knowledge Economy Technology Innovation Evaluation and Government Project Review Committee
June 2009 Professional Engineer Textile
December 2008 Ministerial prize in Parts & Material Technology