R&D Records


Details of progress with government projects related to composite yarn technology

Classified as Project development period Government fund support Details of development project
Development of Connectivity
Technology for Overseas
Demands project
Sep. 2019 ~ Oct. 2021 468 million KRW Development of Sustainable & Functional Active Street Clothing Materials Using ECO-Friendly Recycle Stretch hybrid yarn
Start-up growth
Technology development project
Jun. 2019 ~ Jun 2021 500 million KRW Global Trend Customized eco-friendly Differentiation hybrid yarn and Development of Industrial Materials Using them
Start-up leap package Jun. 2019 ~ Apr. 2020 232 million KRW Customized and differentiated materials and commercialized fusion and composite materials
Safe and protect convergence
- Cultivating the textile industry
Apr. 2019 ~ Dec. 2021 3,25 billion KRW Development of safety protective clothing for temperature-controlled multi-layered aquatic sports using R-HTPE conjugated yarn
Small & medium
Consulting support
Aug. 2018 ~ May. 2019 20 million KRW Workout mid- to long-term management strategy, design of stepwise action plan and IPO road map
Cooperation technology
Jun. 2018 ~ May. 2019 140.1 million KRW
(70.05 million KRW for KOTERI joint development)
Development of textile products for Cool-biz using-sensitive stretch lined-woven hybrid yarn
Export voucher project May. 2018 ~ Apr. 2019 150 million KRW Intensifying export capacity for fast-growing enterprises
Corporate R&D Center Nov. 2016 ~ Oct. 2018 155 million KRW Development of high-functional textile product with natural sensitivity for young career
Industrial technology
Nov. 2016 ~ Oct. 2018 1.75 billion KRW
(Company: 344 million KRW)
Development of clothing materials and products of global fashion platform type using Lyocell-reformed PET multifunctional hybrid yarn
First penguin enterprise
Dec. 2014 ~ Nov. 2017 Credit guaranty support
(max 3 billion KRW)
Graduation from first penguin enterprise
Technology innovation
Project development
Nov. 2015 ~ Oct. 2017 500 million KRW
(180 million KRW committed to KOTERI)
Development of Wool & Cotton-like multi-shrinkage hybrid yarn and high-sensitivity fiber material with excellent drapery and stretch
Start-up growth
Technology development
Nov. 2014 ~ Nov. 2015 149 million KRW
(44.4 million KRW committed to KOTERI)
Development of fine denier stretch heat treated hybrid yarn with excellent drapery and thermal keeping for outdoors use
Start-up developed Technology overseas Localization support Aug. 2014 ~ Dec. 2014 70 million KRW
(10 million KRW committed to Chungnam National to KOTERI)
Development of high stretch hybrid yarn customized for Chinese market
Start-up customized project Jul. 2014 ~ May. 2015 49 million KRW Purchase of composite yarn machine and development of drawing hybrid yarn